Take it Easy, You’ll Do Just Fine


Do you still remember your first day of school? You were sporting a brand new bag, with your kickass lunchbox; your uniform was pressed clean, and you were either the kid who was excited to meet new people, or the young one who couldn’t let go of his mother’s hand. Whether you were the kid who thrives in the limelight, or the shy type in the back seat, everyone remembers the feeling of being nervous to meet new people in a new environment.

You didn’t know what was going to happen, and maybe you didn’t understand why you had to be left in this place called school for hours without your parents. Nevertheless, you just somehow went with the flow, and surprise, surprise, in your extremely young disposition, you got through the day!


For many of you, this may have been the beginning, a soft moment of epiphany, of you trying to figure out how to make it in a world that you now understand doesn’t revolve around you.

From here onwards, without really being aware of it, you tried to figure yourself out, and at the same time, wondered where you fit in this setting that you immersed yourself. You engaged in activities that tickle your fancy, attempted to ace the numerous subjects you had each day, and peer pressure was likely introduced in your lifestyle.

It really comes as no surprise that a lot of coming-of-age kids in any generation are bending over backwards to be loved by everyone and in a hurry to be grownups to do adult things. They never realize they are in that amazing time of their life where

The beauty of youth is not being certain about everything, not having the answer to everything, not being able to impress everyone, and it is goddamn OKAY.


It is okay to question things, it is okay to dissent opinions of others, it is okay not to get everything right the first time, and really, it is okay if you’re not liked by everyone. You weren’t put on earth to be the shining embodiment of your peers’ views. So explore, try new things you’re curious about, and get to know yourself. You don’t need to react to everything that someone says.


Because when you don’t, when you learn to filter what opinions and advice to consider, nothing some insignificant being to your growth would say could tear you down.


I think that someone who’s gone through enough would be able to tell this, find this bit of a common sense, and there would be no need for this article, but to the ones who are young, the ones who turn to prominent figures constantly flashing on television and social media to look for some sort of validation whether their decisions and thoughts and existence are on the right track, and let’s face it, not everyone with a following is worth following, there is still a need for it to be said that as long as you are not hurting anyone by being who you are, no one -not even your idols, has the right to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be.

And as if the noise of others isn’t bothersome enough to knowing more about oneself, many of us find ourselves being our own worst critic. We get frustrated when we can’t do something, we belittle ourselves for mistakes which were probably unnoticed by others, and let’s not get started about our obsession with pointing out the flaws of our appearances and personality. There are times when we just can’t seem to give ourselves a break. Why are we so hard on ourselves, but so giving, so lenient to others who we presume to love?

Have you thought about it that way?

Vanity aside, why can’t we ever be just as nice and excited to converse about ourselves as we would be when we’re talking about our crush? When we commit mistakes, why can’t we be just as forgiving if or when our significant other does the same? When we go out… why is it easy to throw money on someone who is never certain to be our forever, but so stingy to ourselves who we have to deal with… forever.

So why don’t you give it a try; give yourself a chance against the cruel side of life.

You’re probably older than when you were on your first day of school. You’ve seen some, heard some, and felt some – no pun intended. But life as you get older is pretty much a similar venture. Much like your first day of school, in life, own your personality like you wore that brand new bag, with your kickass looks, your clean pressed attitude, and be the person others are excited to meet, the person whose hand they won’t want to let go.

It’s easier in some ways, and it’ll still get tough during other days. But provided that you remember to take into consideration who you are, what makes you happy, as much as you consider the thoughts and feelings of others, take it easy, you’ll do just fine, love.

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