Raveolution: Come through and #UniteInColor


Raveolution: Come through and #UniteInColor



We can’t wait anymore, we are so psyched! So please, fast forward to summer already!

Challenging themselves to save up and be in shape for summer, people are losing sleep over something else other than a getaway to the beaches – and it’s to be part of a night in Metro Manila that no one will ever want to miss. Yes, that’s right – I am talking about none other than Raveolution, the first and biggest color festival in the Philippines!


Raveolution has been consistent and outspoken about their conviction in bringing people together through music, dance, and color, giving everyone the best out of the box experience one could ever have – and judging by the number of surprise bombs they’ve been showering their followers with, they have certainly been able to keep their end of the bargain as of yet.


The festival had declared their lineup of the best homegrown DJs in the country around early January, and you can definitely feel the overwhelming love and support of these talented artists for Raveolution on their social media accounts.



| Ron Poe | Marc Marasigan | Katsy Lee | Funk Avy |

|Callum David | Kat DJ | Deuce | Those Damn Nerds

|Franco Zarate | Everyday People | Pong Santos | Toons Canoy|

With MCs:

| Marga On the Mic | Mc Tiu | Ronthug | Victor Pring |


Aside from the chance to enjoy great sets from a sick lineup of homegrown DJs with 8,000 liters of paint coloring the night away, there will be concessionaries selling alcohol (which is prohibited to minors) and food within the venue, a changing area, Raveolution diffraction glasses and shirts, and many other activities you may indulge in such as:

| Dunk Tank | Swimming Pool | Giant Slide | Giant Obstacle Course | Face Painting | Joust Inflatable|NxR Village with Picnic Lounge |


If that hasn’t convinced you to participate in this highly anticipated color festival, Raveolution is also bringing in 4 international DJs to perform at the event, whose names they had, up until last January, kept mum about.
On January 25th of 2016, they put a temporary halt on ticket selling to give way for a special announcement. Some took to guessing that they may finally be introducing the international DJs, while others have grown anxious of the thought that they may not be able to buy tickets anymore. In the midst of all the prediction and anticipation, Raveolution responded on January 26th, with a brainteaser in the form of a cover photo.


“Can you guess what’s behind the big announcement? 😉 #RaveolutionPH #UniteinColor


With such a mysterious caption, people raved via comments and tweets of their guesses in excitement and confusion. The next day, Raveolution finally made light of the announcement behind their poster. And while some had already guessed it correctly, the confirmation still caused quite an uproar on social media, causing the event to trend on Twitter.

After two long years, RAVEOLUTION is finally coming home.
Grounded on values close to our heart, Raveolution has always believed in celebrating a culture of unity and freedom of expression through music, dance and color. We embrace differences, welcome creativity, and build a festive place where strangers become friends, and friends become family.

This time, we are embodying UNITY in its truestform, as we celebrate our HOMECOMING together with our partner, Neverland Manila. This is our testament to our belief, and the backbone of our revolution. Working with Neverland is definitely going to be an exciting journey not only for us, but for every Filipino raver.

RAVEOLUTIONARIES and DREAMCHASERS! Experience the Best of Both Worlds as give you a massive show of colors and music to kick off your summer in the best way!

Neverland x Raveolution. #WeAreUnitedinColor #RaveolutionPH #BestofBothWorlds

Raveolutionaries and Dreamchasers,


Don’t miss this rare chance to experience the sick beats of highly-esteemed International DJs:  

| Firebeatz | Kura | Dannic | Gallantis |


The festival is taking place in Metro Manila, Taguig city, on April 2, 2016 at the McKinley West Festival Grounds, so whether you’re in need of a crazy night with the squad after all those times spent on school or work with zero chill, or happen to be in the city and have no idea on how to begin your Manila experience, ask no more about What’s Good.


Come through and Unite In Color! This is the place where you can make new friends and family, all the while experiencing the best of both Neverland Manila x Raveolution worlds!


If you have any questions, here are some answers that Raveolution has provided:


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